A new species of lady beetle to honor this beetle lady!

My systematic inventory of beetles in Peru has discovered many, many new species.  There is a long lag between recognizing you have a new species among the specimens and getting around to the scientific paper that describes any new species, along with any additional new discoveries (e.g. new records for a country, additional life stages, new biological data about known species, etc.).  Chilean lady-beetle expert, Guillermo González, has been a vitally important collaborator on the Peruvian lady beetles (Family Coccinellidae) because he has a deep knowledge of the Neotropical fauna, has strong collaborations with established and upcoming experts on lady beetles, and has the time to examine my specimens.  Within 1.5 years, he has sorted the material, and re-directed specimens to other experts who are currently studying particular tribes and genera. His newest publication describes 11 new lady beetle species in the genus Diomus from South America, including four new species from Peru.  It is truly an honor that he has named one of these new species after me.  Many thanks Guillermo for your appreciation, recognition and honor. I feel like a super-hero for beetles now, ready to defend Diomus chabooae Gonzalez 2016 in my research, outreach, and conservation efforts!

Diomus chabooae González 2016, a new species of lady beetle from Peru
Paper by Chilean entomologist, Guillermo González