Beetles of Peru

Beetles of Peru: a systematic inventory of a megadiverse group in a megadiversity hotspot

The survey was initiated in 2010. After annual expeditions and processing a large volume of samples, we are reporting the beetle fauna of Peru as comprising 100 families with >10000 species. The early part of series of publications appeared in the Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society and more recent works are in Revista Peruana de Biologia.  Each family treatment involved experts of that family and assembled fundamental literature. Now, we can proceed with further analyses of cryptic species diversity, assessments of species status (absent, rare, common, extinct), documenting unknown or poorly known biology, and testing new hypotheses from species concepts to community assembly.

Phase 1 publications – checklists of species with validated taxonomic names are listed under Publications. The research is conducted under permits from Peru’s SENASA.

Collaborators: More than 40 beetles experts in 16 countries. In Peru, we collaborate with the San Marcos University Museum of Natural History, Lima, Peru and with the non-governmental organization, Amazon Conservation Association.

Please contact me for loans of specimens for your own research.

Funding: We are currently seeking NSF funding for Phase 2.

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